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I use a truck mounted steam cleaning method, also know as hot water extraction. This powerful unit ensures that all dirt and contaminates are removed leaving your carpets looking and feeling great!
Typically 6-12 hours. This can vary due to weather conditions, room temperature, air flow, and carpet style.
We want to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Some rooms may require wall to wall cleaning, while others may only need traffic or open areas. You only pay for what you need cleaned. Why should we charge you for cleaning carpet that is under a piece of furniture that isn’t being moved?
It is a good idea to pre-vacuum your carpeting before we arrive, especially if you have pets. Our powerful truck mounted units vacuum system will be used to remove all possible soiling during our steam cleaning process
Most carpet manufactures require the carpet to be cleaned in the first 12 – 18 months to maintain the warranty. After that, a good rule of thumb is once a year to keep your carpets looking and feeling great!

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