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Getting your carpets cleaned so they look and feel great isn’t the only reason to clean. Allergens and other contaminates are lurking within your carpet fibers. Removing these through cleaning results in a healthier living environment for you and your family!
I start out my process by walking you through any concerns or problem areas that I see. I will be honest and up front about spots that may not be removed and give you realistic expectations about how your carpet will respond to cleaning. I will give you the price up front so there are no surprises at the end. Then the cleaning begins!
I start out by pre-treating the carpet with a specialized cleaning product and then agitating that product into the carpet. Next comes the hot water extraction process that flushes out all the contaminants that are in your carpet. I use a truck mounted hot water extraction unit to powerfully and effectively clean your carpets. A specialized rinse solution is mixed with the hot water to help flush out the carpet and leave it soft and clean.
Any furniture items that I clean under will be place back and protected with blocks or tabs. Once the cleaning process is complete, I will go over the job with you and describe how the carpets responded to cleaning. Now you can enjoy your clean carpet!